Corporate Social Involvement - UIS Organic Laboratory
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Corporate Social Involvement


UIS Organic Laboratory is a proud sponsor of Mission Without Borders,
an international non-profit organization that provides material and spiritual
assistance to people living in poverty or who suffer at the hands of persecution.
Mission Without Borders is active in Eastern Europe and China and programs
and packages provide relief in respect of Christian outreach projects, family care,
care for mothers and children, child rescue and recovery homes and development aid.

MWB is particularly involved with families who have been victims of nuclear disasters.



THE POTATO FOUNDATION is an organisation focussed on assuring quality community
service to children. We aim to improve the lives - both the quality and standard
thereof - of children in need.

The Foundation is currently operating in Pretoria and surrounding areas. We are blessed
with a very active and willing volunteer base!

THE POTATO FOUNDATION aims to fill the gap between “wanting to do something & wanting
to become involved” and “actively partaking” in something that is constructive and sustainable
and actually becoming involved in changing the future and dreams of so many young people today.