Arson Forensic Analysis - UIS Organic Laboratory
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UIS Organic laboratory always tries to employ the best and state of the art techniques to provide results of the highest quality. We are able to conduct breakdown analysis of most know ignitable liquids on various types of matrices found at the suspected arson scene. We also have the capability of extracting and analysing Carbon Orbo tubes and OVM Badges (carbon strips).

Arson is defined as the wilful or malicious burning of property especially with criminal or fraudulent intent.

UIS Organic Laboratory only employs experienced analysts to conduct arson analysis using gas chromatography mass spectrometers (GC-MS), which are used to identify compounds and ratios from complex matrices for accurate identification accelerants. UIS Organic uses ASTM E1618 as a guideline for accelerant identification.

We also offer source identification of petroleum products between the TPH C6-C40 ranges with simal methodologies employed as in arson forensic analysis.

Our Customers Include:



Fire Investigation Services (FIS)

Alexis Basson Consulting

Groundwater Environmental management (GEM) – GPT

Millss & Otten

Sillito Environmental consulting (SEC)