Pesticide Analysis for Food and the Environment
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Pesticide Analysis in Food and the Environment

pesticide analysis south africa

UIS Organic Laboratory offers pesticide analysis for food and the environment. About 60 years ago, when DDT and other organochlorine pesticides became popular in agriculture, they were considered a safe and effective way to get rid of pests. But over the years, more and more problems associated with the use of pesticides have shown up.

Major problems include:

  • Human poisonings and health risks
  • Environmental hazards
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Wildlife deaths
  • Animal and livestock deaths
  • Interference with natural pest control
  • Resistance among pests
  • Unwanted imports
  • Obsolete and unusable stocks
  • Residues in food
  • Water pollution
  • High input costs


Pesticides do not only present a risk for target organisms but also present a risk to:

  1. The users of the pesticides. Farmers and their family members run the highest risks. They can easily come in contact with the pesticides, for example when mixing the chemicals or when applying them to the crop.
  2. The consumers of farm products. The pesticides that were sprayed on the crop can leave behind residues that will be eaten by the consumers.
  3. The environment. Pesticides will not only reach the target organisms but will also kill other organisms (e.g. beneficial insects, birds, earthworms, fish) in or around the crop fields, causing loss of biodiversity, deaths of wild life, and death of farm animals. Soil, air and water bodies can easily be contaminated with these poisonous chemicals.
  4. The unavoidable destruction of beneficial insects and spiders interferes with natural pest control.

Solving Problems through Pesticide Analysis

UIS Organic Laboratory aims to assist government regulators, policy makers, farmers, NGOs, developmental and environmental organisations, trade unions, consumers, journalists and the public to help solve pesticide problems, by offering a pesticide analysis service. This service will provide useful information in order to:

Eliminate the hazards of pesticides

Reduce the dependence on pesticides and prevent unnecessary expansion of use

Increase the sustainable and ecological alternatives to chemical pest control.

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